Europack advanced and technical solutions

Europack Srl is a dynamic and in continuous evolution company which plans and realizes suitable systems for handling and palletizing for every packed product  typology.

The solutions we plan for our customers represent the application of the most advanced end line technologies:

  • Rotating palletizer
  • Anthropomorphic Robot
  • Cartesian palletizer, portal type or ground-mounted
  • Automation and internal handling for products and pallets
  • Depalletisers

Moving lines may also be completed following the customer\’s needs, through accessories machines, such as: box-formers, box filling machines, manipulators, wrapping machines, box closing machines, labelling machines, strectch wrappers. Research & development, continuous technical updating, prompt and  decisive assistance, allow us to manifacture high reliability and lasting plants.

The Company

Our Mission

Being conscious of market interest in increasing level industrial automation, Europack is therefore constantly:

  • researching advanced and technical solutions to improve installations performances for end of line packaging systems
  • supplying the most suitable solutions with the effective necessities.

Europack\’s mingling between product and service/assistance, has become a“commercial standard” of sure success, which made of us a trustworthy partner for many leading companies pertaining in different fields.


Europack proposes itself as perfect partner in order to research and realizeautomatic materials handling systems and solutions designed and built in line with the different types of layout. These will be coordinated with the existing production plants and will be fully interactive with the goods in stock in the handling process.

The adopted solutions for end line consider best technologies which are directly developed by Europack:

  • rotating palletizer (Winner and Winner Scara type)
  • cartesian palletizer (Master type)

To manufacture ready for operation plants, Europack\’s staff follows customers from the first steps of design to the investment, by:

  • valuation of possible solutions (costs-benefits) according to production, capacity and plant location typology
  • formulation for a feasibility study
  • estimation towards adopted solutions
  • plant testing in Europack
  • installation and start up
  • assistance

To optimize customers\’ operative time, Europack has developed Mosaic software.

Services and References


Europack proposes some services which are particularly customized according to specific customer\’s needs and plants.
By modem connection, which is possible to install at request on control systems, Europack is able to answer in real time, checking each plant. Aside from distance, technicians can make test, send useful informations for problem solving, transfer data and new palletising Mosaic.

Planned maintenance
This optional service is proposed to customer during order phase and it allows to keep production efficiency and investment value. It consists of a complete and punctual planning of maintenance cycles of the plant, only using the right spare parts.

Extension of Guarantee and Assistance
On customer request, guarantee period can be extended according to commercial agreement each time agreed


Some references of Italian and foreign customers who gave us their preference:
(industrial automation robotic, industrial automation robots, automatic palletizing):

 AKZO NOBEL  Chemicals powders
 ARTE BIANCA  Toast bread
 BIMECC  Bolts for cars
 CAMPIELLO  Biscuits
 CAMPINGGAZ  Camping Accessories
 CLARIANT  Chemicals powders
 DERMOCHIMICA  Chemicals for leather manufacturing
 FAMARCO  Cereals and corns
 FARMER  Zootechnical Integrators
 FORMENTI & GIOVENZANA  Forniture components
 GHISETTI 1870  Vegetables
 GIOCABAZZI  Vinegar bottles
 GIRASOLE  Wood panels
 HENKEL  Chemicals
 IDU PISELLI  Biscuits
 INE  Welding wire
 MGN  Mixed for buildings
 MOLINO D\’ASCOLI  Alimentary floour
 POLIMERI EUROPA  Plastic granulate
 PPG UNIVER  Water paint
 PRIANT  Smokeless fuel
 SATEF  Foudry powders
 SIR INDUSTRIALE  Resin flakes
 TIMAC  Fertlizer
 AUSTROTHERM  Polistyrene panels
 SIVAFROST  Food vegetables
 ESAB  Welding wire
 LINCOLN  Welding wire
 BESTFOODS  Freeze-dried food
 BRUNNERMOND  Baking soda
 HAVENS  Animal feed
 HENDRIX  Animal feed
 NEUDORFF  Fertilizer
 RLJKZWAAN  Agricultural seed
 SILKEN  Aluminia
 SNF  Plastic powders

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